Do you like bite-sized stories with a dose of mayhem and drama?

  • Ancient warriors must fight a rival tribe to save themselves from a mysterious plague. But will victory really save them?
  • A sheriff faced with a choice: uphold his oath to serve and protect or take the path of revenge. Is ridding the world of a murderer really such a bad thing?
  • The carnival life is all she’s ever known, but can she make the decision that will alter her life forever?
  • Massive swamp creatures, human experimentation and one man’s obsessive medical research—will his lack of ethics be worth the cost of progress?
  • Two families perpetually linked by a bloody trade and a rivalry they don’t fully understand. Can two assassins break free of past mistakes and end an age-old feud?
  • When a risky phase-shifting experiment goes wrong, an unpleasant reality is revealed. Will anyone be left standing?
  • An animal control officer tries to save a young boy from an unnatural creature haunting their town; but will his good deed go unpunished or have life altering consequences for humanity itself?
  • Abandoning a dying planet goes from a bad to worse mission as a leader scrambles to find a missing child before time runs out. Will his obsession to save one life pay off or prove fatal for more than one?
  • The maiden voyage of a faster-than-light spacecraft goes wrong when the crew start seeing more than double; can they manage to save themselves before the engine stops?
  • On a recovery mission, a pilot with genetic anomalies discovers her history. But is it too late?

Adventure stories with a dash of enigma, Roots follows a timeline of unique stand-alone stories—characters that share a link through time.

I’ve never read an collection of stories like this, where all the stories are quite different, with different authors, and yet all the stories are connected, some even overlapping. It made for an intriguing read and I enjoyed it very much! So clever!

Tova Opatrny

The stories in this book are great! I have a hard time picking which one I like best.
There’s something for everyone!

Faye T.

Well done Leumas and co author’s I felt as though I was right there. Beautifully written, powerful expression and an impactful story. Can’t wait to see what you do next.


Great book, well written by all the authors, (at this point not quite finished yet) and without any spoilers five different authors one intertwined story.