Black Wolf

by Anna Bowman

On the run, Solomand and what’s left of his crew formulate a plan to get back to the friends they left behind, before time runs out. But with the arrival of a new enemy—an old acquaintance of Ivan’s—they find themselves at the center of a twisted game with deadly stakes. Will Solomand be able to save everyone or will this Northerner out for revenge prove too formidable a foe? Win or lose, the cost could be more than any of them bargained for.

About the Author

Anna Bowman

Aspiring future bestselling novelist, Anna enjoys writing adventure stories with airships and sarcasm. She lives in an unnamed town in South Carolina with her husband, three sons and all of her imaginary friends. Although her female lead character is a strong, capable woman, Anna sometimes enlists her husband to open jars, reach things off the top shelf and check on strange noises at night. Her other hobbies include running, drinking coffee and trying to make friends with wild animals.