Mel- Founder / Vocal / Author

Melody Kepler is a romance writer—in love with space and the feeling she gets when experiencing the connection growing between characters in her own stories, and those she reads. After debuting with a seven year project, Mel went on to write a vampire romantic tragedy series. As someone who enjoys learning about new things, one consistent area of interest is psychology. This helps her create dynamic characters in her writing and aides in their authenticity.

Mel resides in a suburb of Salt Lake City, Utah, with her husband, kids and two dogs.

Leu – Vocal / Author


Leumas Llewtnac is a self-proclaimed voice actor and producer. Made popular with his Writers Wardrobe podcast, Leumas shows a wide range of vocal skill while portraying multiple characters in different ranges.

Leu enjoys spending time outdoors and developing characters while navigating the world of parenthood with his daughter in the vastly unique terrains of Australia.

Anna – Editor/Visual / Author

Anna Bowman is an author of steampunk and speculative fiction and enjoys writing adventure stories with airships and sarcasm. She lives in an unnamed town in South Carolina with her husband, three sons and all of her imaginary friends. Her other hobbies include playing with watercolors, hiding from strangers and trying to make friends with stray animals.

Along with editing, Anna provides the custom watercolor bookmarks for KPS. And is too humble to accept she’s a great writer and admit it(so I’ll say it for her). She also self-published Black Recluse (Book 1 of the Roanoke Desperado Series)

Judah – Visual / Author

Judah Lamey is an Artist, Designer, Author and all around Mischief loving creator of all kinds of odds and ends. I could say he loves coffee and doesn’t sleep often. But seriously, who of us gets enough sleep and doesn’t have an unhealthy relationship with a hot beverage? Instead I will say, he is a wonderful blend of people person and artist, where he thrills—in not doing things his own way but—in working with people to find the perfect art for them to love forever.

If you want to see more of his work, visit if you want to hear him read the first chapter of Indie Books, check out the Glint of Mischief Podcast, and if you want to chat with him, head over to Glint of Mischief on Twitter (thought I was going to mix it up there at the end didn’t you?)

Also if you want to read a mischievous manor mystery get his book: What Stories Letters May Tell.

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