Book Updates

Below you’ll find blog posts that contain updates on my current WIP. There are podcast interviews as well as ramblings.

I hope you enjoy.

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Being Rescued by the Wizard Van

As many of you may know, editing anything comes with a large amount of feeling lost and turned around with uncertainty of which direction to go. Sometimes we go on long trips in our minds, sometimes we go crazy, and sometimes we just procrastinate with

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Podcast Interview

I was recently involved with a (partially scripted) podcast interview to promote my book. The host typically interviews his own characters to give an outsider some insight on what it’s like to work through a story and how your characters can develop their own type

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C'est Fini!

Just like that…roughly 86,000 words and 7 years later, I have finished my first novel. Making the decision to self-publish took little thought, but lots of research. I always thought it would be cool to publish it someday. But I didn’t think that day would