As many of you may know, editing anything comes with a large amount of feeling lost and turned around with uncertainty of which direction to go. Sometimes we go on long trips in our minds, sometimes we go crazy, and sometimes we just procrastinate with life until we find our way back.

Does that make us crazy? No. In my opinion, embracing our inner worlds for all the chaos they hold does not make us crazy. It’s what makes us authentic and lovable. I’d rather be loved by a few who get me, than liked by a lot who can’t relate.

And now, without more of my yammering (sorry, social distancing got me in a talky mood) . . . I introduce the Wizard Van episode 2.

I had so much fun recording and listening to this episode. I’m very pleased with how it turned out. Well done Leumas! Well done.

Love to all—Be the light.

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