I was recently involved with a (partially scripted) podcast interview to promote my book.

The host typically interviews his own characters to give an outsider some insight on what it’s like to work through a story and how your characters can develop their own type of control and personality in your mind.

In this episode he interviews me, a live author, in a scripted context to ask questions about Extension as well as be introduced to main character, Tiamet. We get some insight into what’s happening during edit/rewrite for the book lately and also some funnies to help us laugh, cause smiling is important.

Check it out here:

If you like what you just listened to and want to support the creator, you can do that on Patreon for as much, or little, as you please. You can find him here: https://www.patreon.com/lllewtnac

Patrons get access to special bonus video content. This includes a time lapse of me creating the black & white portion of the video artwork, a voice over blooper reel (these two items are not posted yet but should be up soon), and a patron exclusive mini series Leumas filmed years ago during his broadcasting break.

If you’re interested with connecting and following Leumas outside of Patreon, you can find him on Instagram and Twitter!

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